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Sanwa/Airtronics RX-471 Receiver Case Set

SNW107A41191A (Out of Stock)
$12.99 (CAD)

XRAY 85mm Rear Shock Spring Set (2 Dots)

XRA358334 (In Stock)
$22.99 (CAD) $16.52 (CAD)

XRAY Delrin V3 Shock Piston Set (6x1.2/1.3/1.4mm)

XRA358033 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD) $10.46 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Caster Clip Set

XRA352381 (In Stock)
$9.99 (CAD) $7.55 (CAD)

XRAY 110mm Rear Universal Central Driveshaft Set

XRA355626 (In Stock)
$64.99 (CAD) $52.92 (CAD)

XRAY 83mm Front-Center Universal Drive Shaft Set

XRA355426 (In Stock)
$64.99 (CAD) $52.92 (CAD)

XRAY Composite Shock Part Set

XRA358020 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD) $9.19 (CAD)

Xray Composite Shock Shim Set

XRA358019 (In Stock)
$6.99 (CAD) $5.16 (CAD)

XRAY Composite Square Eccentric Roll Center Bushing Set

XRA352314 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD) $10.46 (CAD)

XRAY Delrin V3 Shock Piston Set (8x1.2/1.3, 10x1.1)

XRA358032 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD) $10.46 (CAD)

XRAY Radio Tray Set

XRA356003 (In Stock)
$54.99 (CAD) $44.25 (CAD)

XRAY Radio Tray Set (Soft)

XRA356004 (In Stock)
$54.99 (CAD) $44.25 (CAD)

XRAY Steel Shock Pivot Ball Screw Set w/Hex $14.99 Add To Cart

XRA358047 (In Stock)
$21.99 (CAD) $15.92 (CAD)

XRAY Ultra-Efficient Glued Brake Pad Set

XRA354131 (In Stock)
$89.99 (CAD) $73.40 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2016 69mm Front Shock Spring Set (3 Dots)

XRA358315 (In Stock)
$22.99 (CAD) $16.52 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2016 85mm Rear Shock Spring Set (3 Dots)

XRA358335 (In Stock)
$22.99 (CAD) $16.52 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2016 Graphite Brace Set

XRA353280 (In Stock)
$53.99 (CAD) $43.95 (CAD)

Kyosho 3x41mm Hard Front Outer Suspension Screw Set (2)

KYOIS119-41 (In Stock)
$11.87 (CAD)

Kyosho Differential Case Set

KYOIF403 (In Stock)
$10.49 (CAD)

Kyosho Front Lower WC Suspension Arm Set

KYOIF427B (In Stock)
$28.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Suspension Bushing Set (Yellow)

KYOIF442KY (In Stock)
$9.99 (CAD)

Kyosho TCD Gear Set

KYOIFW403 (In Stock)
$82.35 (CAD)

Kyosho Threaded Big Bore Shock Aeration Cap Set (4)

KYOIFW469 (In Stock)
$46.99 (CAD)

Kyosho 2 Hole Rear Suspension Arm Set

KYOUM713 (In Stock)
$15.17 (CAD)

Kyosho 47mm Threaded Short Big Bore Shock Body Set (2)

KYOIF471-01 (In Stock)
$39.49 (CAD)

Kyosho 6-Hole Big Bore Shock Piston Set (2)

KYOW5303-07 (In Stock)
$8.70 (CAD)

Kyosho 91mm HD Universal Swing Shaft Set (TKI3)

KYOIF482 (In Stock)
$69.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Big Bore Blank Shock Piston Set (2)

KYOW5303-08 (In Stock)
$8.70 (CAD)

Kyosho Big Bore Rear Shock Spring Set (Pink/Soft) (2)

KYOXGS011 (In Stock)
$21.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Big Bore Shock Pre-Load Collar Set (2)

KYOIF470-03 (In Stock)
$15.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Bulk Head Set

KYOIF408C (Out of Stock)
$12.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Differential Outdrive Set

KYOUM515 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Fuel Tank Stay & Servo Tray Parts Set (TKI3)

KYOIF481 (In Stock)
$10.99 (CAD)

Kyosho MP9 TKI2 WC Body Set

KYOIFB005 (In Stock)
$49.99 (CAD)

Kyosho Side Guard Set

KYOUM701 (In Stock)
$17.49 (CAD)

Kyosho Suspension Bushing Set

KYOIF442 (In Stock)
$9.99 (CAD)

MIP Black Metric Nut Driver Wrench Set (2)

MIP9037 (In Stock)
$59.99 (CAD)

MIP Mega Bundle Metric Nut Driver Wrench Set (5)

MIP9504 (Out of Stock)
$107.99 (CAD)

MIP Metric Nut Driver Wrench Set (2) (5.5 & 7.0mm)

MIP9503 (In Stock)
$53.99 (CAD)

MIP Mugen 16mm 6 Hole Bypass1 Piston Set (4)

MIP18400 (Out of Stock)
$49.99 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki 1.5mm Trailing Front Hub Carrier Set

MUGE2147 (In Stock)
$18.25 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki Front Hub Carrier Set

MUGE2105 (Out of Stock)
$29.45 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki MBX8 Body Mount & Front Upper Plate Set

MUGE2148 (In Stock)
$25.95 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki MBX8 Front Lower Suspension Arm Set

MUGE2144 (In Stock)
$31.12 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki Non-Trailing Front Hub Carrier Set

MUGE2146 (In Stock)
$18.83 (CAD)